Mostly I use hard board. I tape up the lines and the shapes and paint them with acrylics. Why acrylics? This paint dries quickly and is ideal for the tape-up technique.
The tartan paintings are painted on canvas. After all, a tartan is made of woolen cloth.
The contrast between colours is the weakest if blended colours are concerned. The warp and weft in Scottish tartans bring about a lot of blended colours. How do I paint them? I have solved the problem by glazing. Optical colour blending. Besides, a texture comes into being which resembles material.

The optical effect of the contrast between light and dark causes depth. The lighter bands seem to lie on top of the darker plane figures and thus a weaving pattern arises. The difference in texture also brings about an optical effect: the parts that are glazed become material-like, the rest looks more even.
I like to experiment and in doing so I use other materials like: shell sand, dried flowers, petrol, white spirit etc. Amazing effects are my reward!
Once again, effects, interaction…… only this time NOT how do colours affect each other but how do materials affect one another.

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